Design DNA

Design is the heart of what we do here at HBG Design; it's in the DNA of every employee. Creativity and exploration of design is paramount to who we are. “Out of the box” thinking is encouraged; and good design is celebrated every day.

Spearheaded by HBG Design’s senior design leaders, our Design+ initiative sets the tone for our design culture and environment, fostering design leadership, collaboration, inspiration, alignment and innovation throughout the firm.

We emphasize excellence in every aspect of our design process.

Collaborative, open studio environment.

Our office settings promote engagement, generate synergy across teams.

Visioning & concept development.

Our creative exploration is built from shared vision, deep understanding of client and project goals, impactful story, and dynamic experiences.

Design alignment.

Collaboration & cohesion between architecture and interior design advances our design process, technology integration, and use of new building materials and methods of construction.

National recognition for design excellence.

A testimony to our high caliber of design, we have been recognized by over 200 design/industry awards and with regular features in national industry publications.

Knowledge sharing produces consistentdesign inspiration.

Special Office Events.

Our Design+ leadership hosts firm-wide design-focused forums and activities to maintain a continuous inspirational buzz around the office while inviting open and meaningful exchanges of ideas and maintaining top-of-mind focus on design excellence.

Friday Forums.

Weekly ‘Friday Forums’ offer an all-employee open platform to initiate design discussions based on current and past project reviews.

‘HBG Hospitality Design Handbook’.

With over 40 years of hospitality design intellectual capital, we have captured the best ideas for the benefit of our clients. Our internal design handbook, a proprietary compilation of hospitality design best practices, is innovated upon continuously.

HBGreen: enhancing guest well-being and Owner operations through design.

Sustainable Design.

As hospitality designers dedicated to creating spaces of respite and rejuvenation, guest well-being and comfort are important to how we design. We actively promote biophilia and connection to nature, wellness design and energy efficiency/building performance within our standard design processes.

Sustainable Resources.

With a full library of environmentally friendly "green label" products, we are able to specify materials that fully comply with our clients' sustainable objectives. What does HBG Design do with unused design materials? Through our local Zero Landfill program, we have diverted over 5 tons of unused design products from the landfill, equaling the weight of 7.5 smart cars!

Sustainable Education.

The firm’s LEED and WELL accredited professionals host monthly sustainable design education ‘brown bag’ forums, maintain involvement in sustainable design organizations, and attend national events like GreenBuild. We are committed to educating our teams, our clients and the hospitality industry on the benefits of sustainability.

All ideasare valued.

We know that our ideas and design solutions are better in dialogue together than discussed alone. We highly value knowledge sharing and recognize that we are at our best when we are challenging each other, supporting each other, and succeeding together.

Our design DNA focuses attention on aesthetics, functionality, environmental stewardship and industry excellence.

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