Why we are a Top Workplace.

There’s a reason we have been named a Top Workplace nationally and regionally for almost two decades. It’s because we are highly focused on nurturing a ‘Best Place to Work’ culture through a variety of meaningful employee engagement experiences that elevate the organization.

We have built a great culture.

“What words best describe HBG Design culture?”  A recent survey of HBG Design employees conducted independently by Energage uncovered some unique differences in our firm culture as compared to other benchmark firms. Energage asked our employees “What words describe the culture at HBG Design?” These words stand out because they were used more often at HBG Design than at any other organization. We can’t help but like the results! Scroll down to read a few ways we support our employees’ career experiences.

We value our team.

The strong culture of appreciation we foster within our organization emphasizes how valued our employees are and helps everyone understand how they are connected to the big picture. We strive to support our employees as individuals by recognizing their contributions and achievements. After all, the role each individual plays, at every level of the firm, contributes to our collective success.

We support employee growth.

We understand that guidance from those more experienced is an important part of every career journey. Our Sponsor Program connects firm Principals, Senior Associates and Associates with project-based employees in a dedicated one-on-one coaching relationship focused on identifying and guiding career aspirations and leadership opportunities that support individual growth and success, while ensuring that no employee ever ‘gets lost in the shuffle’.

We encourage leadership.

We foster a high-performance culture where everyone is challenged to stretch themselves, exceed expectations and impart leadership in their everyday experiences. There are many ways to lead at HBG Design – from leadership in the work product we create, to leading internal programs that support our design, production and administrative teams. We encourage employees to become involved in activities and initiatives that range from design forums to community outreach; firm-sponsored sports to professional organizations. For example, leadership roles abound through the firm’s Kirk Bobo Creating Impact Grant and Outreach Program, for employees interested in providing project leadership, via design and service, for individual community revitalization projects. If you want to take on a leadership role, you’ll find many paths to do so at HBG Design.

We never stop learning.

HBG Design offers in-house training on a wide range of professional education topics, from computer software and technical design skills to product education. As a registered AIA-CES provider, our in-house seminars are approved for AIA credit and can be self-reported. We also support participation in formalized continuing education programs and professional organizations by paying for approved costs, and we help track professional education credits for licensing.

We are family.

We are all about designing experiences that foster and build connection, as we recognize the importance of developing trust among colleagues. We seek to create an environment in which respect, kindness and loyalty can flourish, as this is what makes the HBG Design family strong.

We recognize achievements.

Employees who have reached the 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30- and 35-year service marks are recognized in a special ceremony during our holiday party. The firm’s Employee of the Year Award has a long history at HBG Design and represents the highest honor that can be bestowed on an employee of the firm who demonstrates extraordinary commitment to HBG Design’s values and vision. Recipients of the Employee of the Year Award are nominated by Firm Principals and represent every facet of the organization.

We drive engagement.

Connecting our employees to our Core Vision and Values is a critical aspect of our culture. Our leadership has a well-defined strategic road-map, and our employees understand where we’re headed and how their individual contributions impact and transform our journey. Each month, we demonstrate employee actions that are in sync with achieving our vision and recognize the positive influence our team members create in moving the firm forward.  Through our Design Dollar program, we link individual and group accomplishments to public appreciation and access to fun rewards such as coveted HBG-branded swag.  The Design Dollar program helps employees feel part of something important and empowers them to personally impact the firm’s direction.  It’s sort of like  earning “street cred” as part of HBG’s culture.

We play together.

Personal fulfillment includes engagement with co-workers in activities sponsored by HBG Design. We support several key events and activities that give every employee the opportunity to interact with their “HBG Design family” outside of working hours. From organized team walks for charity to blood drives, painting parties to kick-ball and indoor soccer teams, group nights at new restaurants to family-centered outings – we believe supporting our community and exploring a variety of outside activities together helps make us a stronger, more dynamic organization. At the close of each month, the firm hosts a lively, themed “birthday party” for all employees to gather together, make special announcements, and celebrate accomplishments, employee birthdays and service anniversaries.

We are never boring.

Life at HBG Design is sometimes actually surprising, always impressive, and occasionally sort of weird … but never boring. And that is why we love it when different people join our team with unique perspectives. Fueled by passion, the only thing we aren’t, is dull.