HBG Design’s portfolio of projects spans across 35 U.S. states and the Bahamas, and ranges from $200,000 to $500+ million in value. In the past 20 years alone, HBG has successfully designed 35+ million square feet of hotels, gaming/entertainment venues, food and beverage venues, spas, conference/meeting space, event space, retail space, and more than 30,000+ hotel guestrooms/suites. And we have designed over 13 million square feet of mixed-use multi-family, historic adaptive reuse, commercial/corporate and community projects since our founding in 1979.

Hotels & Resorts

HBG specializes in crafting premium quality resorts and hotels and upscale boutique and lifestyle hotel accommodations nationwide. Emphasizing both aesthetics and functionality, our strategic and creative process involves close collaboration between Owners and designers to ensure every aspect of the hotel or resort environment promotes guest enjoyment.

Casinos & Gaming Venues

As a leading player in the dynamic gaming industry, HBG Design stays ahead of the curve with innovative approaches. Casino design is its own special artform. Our designs are meticulously crafted to exude energy and vibrancy and are infused with genuine meaning and authenticity, and a seamless flow from one amenity to the next.

Food & Beverage

Venue location, local market dynamics, and the Owner’s target audience play a pivotal role in shaping HBG’s food and beverage venue designs. Our approach begins with thorough research and collaboration with clients, ensuring that each well-curated concept and design aligns seamlessly with industry trends and culinary opportunities to create memorable dining experiences.

Spas & Resort Pool Environments

Spas and pool environments have long been an integral part of the hotel and resort experience, serving as vital attractions that enhance competitiveness, while providing guests with a haven for retreat and escapism. Each of HBG’s spa and pool designs are creatively conceived to support holistic resort experiences.

Conference & Event Centers

Convention, conference and live entertainment event amenities have become important economic drivers for resort owners. When it comes to hosting successful events of all sizes, the design of multi-purpose resort spaces that can “multi-task” between business and leisure guests, every day of the week, is paramount.

Mixed-Use & Commercial

HBG Design is a recognized leader in the planning and design of spaces where people live, learn, play, and collaborate. Our passion for design propels our clients’ success and growth in community and business. HBG clients include Sovereign Nations, private developers, local and state governmental entities, public and private educational institutions, and corporate workplace clients that include Fortune 500 companies.

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