Our fusion of architecture and interiors produces hospitality design holistically.

We believe architecture and interior design are intrinsically connected. In terms of the guest experience, it’s impossible to separate the design of a building from the design of its interior, so we approach design as a collaborative process that is all encompassing of the human experience.

Designing Experience is at the heart of everything we do at HBG Design. As a national Top 3 hospitality and entertainment design firm, we craft meaningful guest experiences and design moments meant to be shared and remembered.

Meet Our Leadership

HBG Design leverages our 45+ years of hospitality design experience and unique operations perspective to inform the firm’s market-driven, high-quality design solutions, which are consistently focused on elevating client success and guest expectations.

National Design Reputation

Recognized as the #3 Hospitality and Entertainment Design Firm in the U.S. by Hotel Business Magazine, #2 in Casino Design by Building Design + Construction Magazine, and an Interior Design ‘Rising Giant’ by Interior Design Magazine, our national rankings underscore our dedication to creating exceptional experiences. With a rich history spanning almost five decades, we consistently rank among the Top 10 national hospitality and entertainment design firms.

Excellence-Driven Professionals

Our team of 100 passionate architects, interior designers, and project delivery professionals are renowned specialists in their field. Prioritizing client relationships, crafting memorable guest experiences, ensuring operational functionality, and delivering design excellence are all part of our ethos.

Experts inthe Field

We are passionate about designing immersive, well-planned casino resorts, hotels, gaming entertainment venues, food & beverage venues, spas, conference & event centers, and mixed-use residential/commercial projects. Our design teams translate market influences, brand, culture, original storytelling and sustainable concepts into inspired design for our clients and their guests.


Design Management

Architectural Master Planning

Interior Master Planning

Architectural Design & Architecture

Interior Design & Interior Architecture

Project Strategy

FF&E Design

Creative Curation

Art & Accessory Curation

Sustainable Design

Building Information Modeling

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In-House Code / Regulatory Services

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The built environment is our canvas for creativity and intricate storytelling.

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