Jason approaches life and work with a positive, selfless attitude and helping hand so that anyone he talks to always walks away knowing more. As Construction Administration Leader at HBG Design, Jason is a self-motivated, team oriented and results driven manager with almost 20 years of construction management and administration experience.

Jason consistently demonstrates transformative and collaborative leadership and brings an excellent reputation for cultivating client and team relationships. A natural born communicator and hard-working problem solver, Jason is regularly sought after by HBG clients for his extensive construction knowledge. He has the enviable ability to facilitate feedback and communications with multiple parties all while coordinating design intent with contractors to deliver a well-constructed building solution.Jason also has a tenacious drive to help his teams solve big picture challenges through process change solutions that add value across the firm. He works closely with HBG’s documentation team to spearhead expanded implementation of critical tools and technology integration between the firm’s design and CA processes to drive greater design continuity, project team communication, efficiency, and accuracy.