As Process Improvement and Resource Leader, Leslie is the go-to person for practice-related processes and procedures, bringing a high level of communication and strategic and creative thinking to every initiative she spearheads.

Having risen through the ranks at HBG, Leslie is key to almost every practice-related improvement initiative and every project we deliver. A knowledgeable and respected leader, Leslie’s creative problem-solving skills and work ethic make her uniquely suited to lead multifaceted and highly technical practice-related operational endeavors as a bridge between all aspects of project delivery.She has a long history of high performance producing measurable results as practice manager, overseeing the effectiveness of HBG’s project staffing, scheduling, project document packages, and quality control reviews. She also helps lead the firm’s Revit training program, specifications consulting program and documentation outsourcing strategy. The importance and positive impact of Leslie’s practice operations initiatives cannot be overstated.