The Project

Graceland’s Chapel in the Woods sits among the trees and gardens not far from Elvis Presley’s iconic Graceland© Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. Situated adjacent to the new 450-room Guest House at Graceland hotel, The Chapel sits on a lightly wooded, secluded site with access to a walking path connected to the grand hotel.

New audiences are being introduced to Elvis every day, so designers created The Chapel design for timeless appeal. The team interpreted the Owner’s vision for “a small rustic country chapel” as a contemporized ode to rural church design and shotgun framework, while making nature the main showcase, outside and in.

Large dramatic wooden trusses cross the length of the main chapel ceiling bringing a touch of visual complexity to the otherwise simple shotgun chapel typology. Clean architectural details provide reveals and relief on all surfaces: the walls, the ceiling, and the floor.

Photography by Chad Mellon

LocationMemphis, TennesseeTotal Size2,600 SFTotal CostN/AClientElvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland

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