The Project

Designers were inspired by the national brand's mission to deliver fresh, natural foods to their guests. Just as the restaurant's organic ingredients come directly from the earth's soil, the roofline detail springs from the ground to the roof's peak, creating a farm-to-table-inspired barn-like profile. This barn-inspired roofline element extends toward the new West side patio area, and is highlighted with LYFE Kitchen’s branded orange color palette.

The interior space is open and airy and continues the fresh, yet warm design aesthetic. Natural light filters into the space through an abundance of full-story windows creating a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. Natural wooden textures can be found in the tile flooring, dining furniture and other elements throughout, which create a neutral background for the vibrant wall graphics and colors.

Photography by Dero Sanford

LocationMemphis, TennesseeTotal Size6,000 SFTotal Cost $1.1 millionClientLyfe Kitchen / Carlisle Corporation

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