The Project

The 638,000 SF Desert Diamond West Valley Casino's ‘Dynamic Earth’ concept was inspired by the life and energy of the desert and developed into unique design interpretations for multiple food and beverage venues. In the Nineteen 86 Steakhouse, shapes and forms collide in the 99-seat steakhouse design - just like the desert wind as it flows through the endless sky and sculpts the elements of the landscape. A balance of warm and cool toned
finishes and materials in neutral shades turn the tempestuous silhouettes into an elegant backdrop for the resort’s fine dining. In the 80-seat Nuovo Giorno Italian Bistro, the desert’s lush vegetation inspired a mix of vibrant color as seen in the region’s tall green Saguaro cactus and multihued desert flowers.

Wrapped in a 360-degree A/V wall for immersive sports viewing, the 201-seat Winners Sports Bar celebrates the region’s professional sports teams and can be viewed from multiple vantage points both in the restaurant and on the casino floor. Team colors of the Arizona Cardinals and others enrich a palette of materials that feels like stepping into the VIP section of a major sports stadium.

Light and shadow balance to create intimate dining areas inside the new 182-seat Fortune Cafe.  The distinctive Cholla cactus inspired the food court design. In the hot desert summer, the Cholla dries into a subdued gray color uniquely patterned to resemble holes in a tree trunk. Custom decorative screening emulates the natural geometric form of the dried Cholla, connecting another familiar natural element to the design. A pendant light shaped like a live Cholla greets guests into the 167-seat venue.

Photography by Peter Malinowski / Insite Photography

LocationGlendale, AZTotal Size638,000 SF casino with two parking structures; including: Italian restaurant; 24 hour café; sports bar; steak and seafood restaurant; food courtTotal Cost$400 million (total project cost)ClientTohono O'Odham Nation

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