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The casino industry has witnessed a significant transformation in slot floor design, driven by trends in game design and economic changes. The days of tightly packed rows of slot machines are fading, giving way to more spacious, creatively designed floors that enhance both functionality and guest experience.

HBG Design’s Vision

Kevin Burke, Senior Architectural Designer for HBG Design, highlights how the pandemic catalyzed this change. “Covid did a great thing in a way by creating this openness to the gaming floor,” Burke states. The emphasis shifted from the sheer number of games to the overall size and openness of the gaming floor, allowing for better spacing and a more pleasant environment. Burke emphasizes the importance of careful planning with clients to achieve these open spaces and amenities, integrating gaming with a more holistic entertainment experience.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Burke further notes, “The last 10 years have seen an entertainment focus, with an elevated guest experience on the gaming floor.” HBG Design’s approach involves crafting a story and a strong concept that starts from the street and permeates throughout the property, including the gaming floor. This evolution from the previously smaller, tighter, and darker spaces to more open and engaging environments allows for better wayfinding, sightlines, and connection to surrounding amenities.

Adapting to New Machine Designs

Changes in slot machine designs have also influenced floor layouts. Modern machines are taller and more immersive, requiring adjustments in floor design to maintain a balance between visibility and player experience. “We’ve been going through what we need as our dimensions for gaming floors. It’s a much different-looking machine than it was even a few years ago,” Burke explains. HBG Design aims to create flexible spaces that can adapt to various layout options, catering to both privacy and social interaction needs.

Future Trends

Looking ahead, Burke sees a continued trend towards integrating entertainment directly on the casino floor.

“Entertainment offerings on the casino floor will be a key focus. Stadium gaming is here to stay,” he says.

As sports betting expands, there’s potential for further blending of sports with gaming experiences, creating a more dynamic and engaging environment for patrons.