Ray Mabry, a seasoned expert in hospitality design with a rich background spanning across Dallas and international landscapes, recently joined HBG Design as the Dallas Office Leader. In a captivating discussion on the “CEO Spotlight with David Johnson” podcast on KRLD NewsRadio 1080, Mabry shared insights into his vision for HBG’s Dallas office and the exciting prospects ahead.

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Mabry’s decision to join HBG was influenced by the firm’s alignment with his core values and design philosophy. With over two decades of experience in Dallas and a keen eye for hospitality and entertainment design, Mabry saw in HBG a perfect platform to further his expertise. The firm’s commitment to creating lasting guest experiences resonated deeply with him, making the transition a natural fit.

One of the pivotal aspects of Mabry’s role at HBG is to spearhead the expansion of the Dallas office. With plans to double the team size within a year, Mabry envisions cultivating a dynamic team of architects and interior designers. Drawing from the success of HBG’s San Diego office, Mabry aims to establish a strong presence in Dallas while maintaining a focus on serving both national and regional clients.

HBG’s recent move to the Bank of America Plaza in downtown Dallas signifies a strategic commitment to the region. The central location not only facilitates better client service but also fosters collaboration with local design communities. The vibrant urban setting of the new office reflects HBG’s culture of openness and collaboration, creating an inspiring workspace for employees and clients alike.

In terms of projects, HBG’s portfolio in Dallas and the surrounding region is impressive, with notable ventures like Winstar World Casino and Resort’s Lucas Oil Live Event Center and the new Spa Tower. Mabry aims to build on this success by targeting premium and luxury brand hospitality projects, solidifying HBG’s position as a leading design provider in the region.

Furthermore, community engagement is a key aspect of HBG’s strategy in Dallas. Mabry emphasizes the importance of actively participating in local design networks and community initiatives to foster meaningful connections and contribute positively to the city’s fabric.

Ray Mabry’s leadership at HBG Design Dallas promises an exciting chapter in the firm’s journey, marked by innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences. As the Dallas office continues to grow and thrive under his guidance, the future of hospitality design in the region looks brighter than ever.