Recognizing Emily Marshall as a "Women Who Lead Design" Honoree

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Emily Marshall, HBG Design

The Memphis Business Journal recognizes Emily Marshall HBG Design Interior Design Leader as a "Women Who Lead Design" Honoree. 

Emily Marshall is proudly decisive about her biggest career achievement. It “undoubtedly lies in the growth and development of HBG Design’s interior design group.” Over her 14 years with the firm, she helped grow the team from four to 21 pros, calling it a rewarding endeavor. She says that’s given HBG a “unique edge in our integrated resort, entertainment, and hospitality market sectors.”

She adds that what also sets HBG apart is the teams’ collaborative approach of its architects and interior designers working hand-in-hand from the inception of projects.

Emily is focused on a few big professional goals, one of which is expanding the interior design team within its national offices, especially Dallas. Soon, she’ll work on designing a new Marriott hotel at the 100 North Main development. And she’s “profoundly invested in the holistic development” of team members — seeing their successes gives Emily pride and joy.

On trends: “One of the most exciting trends I’m seeing in our industry is the emergence of experiential and immersive food and beverage/restaurant designs. These spaces are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, where every design selection is thoughtfully curated and resonates purposefully with intention. What I find particularly captivating are the rooftop patio restaurants, uniquely designed to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. These spaces offer a harmonious environment that engages all the senses, creating unforgettable experiences for guests.”

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