HBG Design created the Desert Diamond West Valley Casino’s strikingly bold and sophisticated exterior and interior aesthetic, including the 75,000 square foot casino floor, five uniquely designed restaurants and two eye-catching feature bars – the Edge Bar and the two-story Rock Bar – all derived from a distinctive Sonoran Desert-inspired design language.

Watch the ‘A Virtual Journey of Desert Diamond West Valley Casino’ video below.

The Desert Diamond West Valley Casino’s signature arching roofline is easily visible from adjacent Interstate 101. The architecture creates a beautiful contrast against the light and shadow of the desert sky. Its curved roof integrates LED lighting to mimic the ever-changing drama of the desert’s endless sky, beckoning guests within.


On the 75,000 square foot gaming floor, the arching canopy is animated with vibrant, ever-changing ambient light recalling the desert’s endless sky. The illumination of the ceiling’s cloud-like fins subtly change throughout the day, mimicking the changing light quality of the desert in the morning, afternoon and evening.


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